Yoga. What do I say about yoga? Is there space enough, time enough to completely explain how yoga mingles in my life? Probably not but I'll put it in a nutshell -

I've played with yoga for the better part of 20 years. Yoga in my twenties - when I was shallow and giggled all through a class. Yoga in college (my late 20s) - when I was less shallow but only thought of it as an easy credit course. Yoga as a pregnant women - when I was seeking to do everything 'right.' And now. Now, yoga as a 40 yr old - when I could give a shit about doing it right, and only hope to listen well enough to what the asanas are teaching me about my body.

I'd been doing yoga awhile - serious yoga since Summer 2014 but I'd have days of intervals and such apprehension and perfectionism issues. Comparing myself to others. Trying to get into poses cold. I was a rookie. Then, forty days before my 40th birthday I made a declaration to myself that I'd practice yoga every day until my birthday. I even made a hashtag (because that's what you do now a-days right?) #my40to40. Yoga every day. And it worked. I was hooked. I am hooked. I started out doing 30 minutes a day and that was wonderful. Now it's nothing for me to pull the mat out at 10:30 at night and spend an hour doing some Yin. I love it. And enjoy witnessing my process.

In this space I will share my journey.

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